Associação para Investigação Costeira e Marinha (AICM) (Association for Coastal and Marine Research)

AICMMarine research, studies and conservation are vital to saving, not only our fish species, but also all the other animals and plants that live in our oceans. The AICM is a non-profit organisation from Mozambique that helps keep our oceans stable and tries to find solutions to problems we have. Here is more information about this amazing conservation institute!

Created on the 1st of November 2007, the Associação para Investigação Costeira e Marinha – AICM (Association for Coastal and Marine Research), is a private, non-profit, Mozambican organization endowed with a legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy and its own property.

Turtle ResearchAICM and/or Its Staff Hold Membership at the Following Organizations:
- Mozambique Marine Turtle Working Group
- Coastal Zone Management Inter-Institutional Committee
- Mozambique Ecological and Environmental Research Network (RIEAM)
- Eastern Africa Marine Eco-region National Committee (EAME)
- Centro Terra Viva – Estudos e Advocacia Ambiental
- Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
- Eyes on the Horizon
- East Coast Fish-Watch Project

Fish ResearchRecent Projects:
- Production of the Bazaruto Archipelago NP Management Plan (2009-2013);
- Biodiversity assessment of the coral reefs of Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago
- Studies on the ecology and biodiversity of southern Mozambican reefs
Monitoring, protection and mitigation of potential effects of seismic testing on marine turtles in the Bazaruto Archipelago NP
- Monitoring, tagging and protection of marine turtles in Mozambique (Ponta do Ouro – Machangulo, Macaneta; Bilene; Primeiras and Segundas)
- Training on the MOMS system (Management Orientated Monitoring System)
- Coral reef and marine turtle assessment in northern Mozambique (Rovuma basin)
- Coastal micro-pollution assessment in Mozambique
- Overview and assessment on marine litter in Mozambique

Diving performing research

Facilities Available:
- Excellent updated and fully catalogued library facilities, with more than 10,000 relevant scientific papers on coastal and marine issues, reference books and online access to
more than 500 journals
- Sea-worthy certificated Ski-boat with 2 x 85 hp yamaha motors, with GPS and eco-sounder and safety equipment
- SCUBA equipment
- Availability and access to software packages including statistics and data analysis, data bases, taxonomic databases, etc.

Associação para Investigação Costeira e Marinha (AICM) - Association for Coastal and Marine Research
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