South African Freshwater Angling Fish Species List

All The Freshwater Fish That Occur In South African Inland Waters

Small Common CarpSouth Africa has one of the most diverse freshwater fisheries in the World and all sorts of fish species inhabit the lakes, dams, weirs, streams, rivers and ponds in South Africa. South Africa is home to some of the best Specimen Carp anglers in the world and has tremendously talented fly fisherman who target Yellowfish, Mudfish and Trout species. South Africa is home to well over 150 species of freshwater fish, quite a large number if you think about it!

How Many Freshwater Fish Species Are There In South Africa?

There are over 150 species of fish that occur in the freshwater systems of South Africa. Among these species are Carp, Trout, Yellowfish, Mudfish, Kurper, Tilapia, Barbel and Tigerfish... You will rarely find a body of flowing or still water in South Africa that does not have any freshwater fish species in it! Freshwater fish depend heavily on their natural habitats in order to breed, eat and function properly. A slight change in the environment around them can cause a lot of damage to the overall population of fish. It is vitally important that we try and protect their habitats and the numerous fish species as about 30 or more of these South African fish are endangered. The list of all these species is below: (The list below is in no particular order)... Pictures of freshwater fish

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South African Freshwater

Fish Species List

Lungfish Barnards Rock Catfish
Bulldog Clanwilliam Rock Catfish
Oxeye Tarpon Common Rock Catfish
Longfin Eel Natal Mountain Catfish
Shortfin Eel Common (Stargazer) Mountain Catfish
African Mottled Eel Makriel (Silver Catfish)
Giant Mottled Eel Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish)
Estaurine Round Herring Bluntooth Catfish
Southern Kneria Snake Catfish
River Sardine Penant Tailed Suckermouth
Southern Barred Minnow Incomati Suckermouth
Breede River Redfin Phongolo Suckermouth
Berg River Redfin Sawfin Suckermouth
Eastern Cape Redfin Shortspine Suckermouth
Smallscale Redfin Lowveld Suckermouth
Fiery Redfin Brown Squeker
Slender Redfin Cape Galaxias
Maloti Minnow Brown Trout
Chubbyhead Barb Rainbow Trout
Redtail Barb Brook Charr
Marico Barb Spotted Killfish
Amatola Barb Rainbow Killfish
Treur River Barb Johnston's Topminnow
Broadstriped Barb Natal Topminnow
Barotose Barb Striped Topminnow
Line Spotted Barb Mosquito Fish
Shortfin Barb Guppy
Sidespot Barb Swordtail
Goldie Barb Bluegill Sunfish
Longbeard Barb Common Bluegill
Hyphen Barb Largemouth Bass
Bowstripe Barb Smallmouth Bass
East Coast Barb Black Bass
Beira Barb Spotted Bass
Threespot Barb Perch
Clanwilliam Redfin Southern Mouthbrooder
Twee Rivier Redfin Orange-fringed River Bream
Orangefin Barb Canary Kurper
Namaqua Barb Lowveld Largemouth
Border Barb Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia)
Rosefin Barb Redbreast Tilapia
Straightfin Barb Mozambique Tilapia
Papermouth Black Tilapia
Plumb Barb Nile Tilapia
Clanwilliam Sawfin Israeli Tilapia
Berg Breede River Whitefish Blackspot Climbing Perch
Vaal-Orange Largemouth Yellowfish Manyspined Climbing Perch
Vaal-Orange Smallmouth Yellowfish Eastern Cape Rocky
Kwazulu Natal Yellowfish Cape Kurper
Bushveld Small Scale Yellowfish Zambezi Shark
Clanwilliam Yellowfish Smalltooth Sawfish
Lowveld Large Scale Yellowfish Bald Glassy
Inkomati Chiselmouth Slender Glassy
Moggel Longspine Glassy
Orange River Mudfish Cape Silverside
Loskop Dam Mudfish Flathead Mullet
Tugela Labeo Freshwater Mullet
Clanwilliam Sandfish Large Scale Mullet
Rednose Labeo Longarm Mullet
Silver Labeo Striped Mullet
Purple Labeo Freshwater Pipefish
Redeye Labeo Shortail Pipefish
Leadan Labeo River Bream
Mirror Carp Southern Churchill
Common Carp Checked Goby
Grass Carp Sibayi Goby
Silver Carp River Goby
Common Koi Tank Goby
Common Goldfish Burrowing Goby
Tench Freshwater Goby
Imberi Golden Sleeper
Striped Robber Broadhead Sleeper
Tigerfish Dusky Sleeper

The information for this table was obtained from South Africa Fish & Fishing...