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Fishing and conservation go hand in hand in South Africa and it is important to realise what exactly is going on in terms of of these two factors.

Eastern Cape Fishing ResearchFirst off let me start off by stating that I am not a marine biologist, nor do I have any marine qualifications, these are just all my findings, opinions and personal research that I have conducted and that I have recorded. Fish The Sea has started a research project that covers about 60 kilometers of Eastern Cape coast line, from the Bushman's River Mouth to the Fish River Mouth. This will be our focus for a long period of time starting officially in 2012. This area is one of the most pristine and beautiful parts of South Africa and I want to try and play a role in preserving and researching as much as I possibly can and hopefully reach out to all anglers and others interested in this sort of thing. The areas will be split up into 3 surf zones and 3 river zones where we will be researching. Please read more here...

I hope this can help you realise what the state of angling in South Africa is looking like and what can be expected in the future. The most important thing to note is that sticking to the rules and regulations, bag limits, bait limits and purchasing your annual fishing license must be done and adhered to. By doing this you are helping preserve this great sport of angling.

The name of this research project is '60 Kilometers Of The Eastern Cape Coast'. Get the book now!

More About The Fishing Research

I have basically grown up along this coast line of the Eastern Cape, in Kenton on sea, and have a great love for the area. It has saddened me to see people kill almost everything they catch in these areas and I would like to raise awareness on how this is affecting the whole area. I will be doing this by tagging and releasing as many species as I can; catching, measuring and photographing as many species of fish as I can; and by hopefully re-catching tagged fish in the years to come. This will initially be my main focus:

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Please read the disclaimer and copyright regarding the research conducted and the overall project

All of my findings will be published after every trip or new bit of evidence and will be available for purchase in PDF format. Information and findings and all other aspects of the research can be found on the pages below:

Research Introduction

Research Results, Stats And Ongoing Studies