The Best Saltwater & Sea Angling & Fishing Venues & Locations In South Africa

The Top Ocean & Saltwater Fishing Destinations In South Africa

Saltwater Fishing Spots South AfricaSouth Africa must have some of the most diverse fishing grounds and fish species in the World and similar to the freshwater locations, we are blessed with a huge array of destinations to choose from when we fish saltwater. South Africa is paradise for offshore, lure, rock and surf, shore, estuary, fly fishing, light tackle boat and shark anglers and fisherman. Listed below of some the fishing locations I have fished at and some of the best saltwater angling spots in our country of South Africa... You can see what species can be caught at these spots, pictures of the venues and the best baits as well as many more pieces of valuable saltwater information on how to get that big fish! Below is a list of the saltwater venues I have fished and what fish species occur there as well as other information that is key to help you catch fish in that area! Enjoy...

More South African sea fishing spots coming soon!