Frequently Asked Questions About South African Angling & Other Interesting Information

Surf Fishing In South AfricaAngling in South Africa is very popular and there are a lot of questions asked by experienced and new fishermen... There are many facets of fresh water and sea fishing and with all the techniques and styles of angling come many questions and queries, hopefully this page will help you solve your fishing dilemma and put you onto some monster fish!

Below you will find links to pages that can help you understand what is going on in the fishing world and also interesting articles and reports that will make you want to set off to your local waters and catch some fish!

How many Sea Fish Am I Allowed To Take Out Of The Water? And How Big Must They Be?

Definitions Of South African Fishing Terms & Words

Where Can I Ask Questions About Fishing And Submit My Fishing Reports Online?

How Can I Catch Bigger Carp?

Why Am I Not Catching Carp?

What Is The Best Way To Catch Bass?

Where Are The Best Freshwater Fishing Spots In South Africa?

What Is The Best Place To Fish For Trout, Carp, Bass & Barbel in Gauteng?

Where Are The Best Saltwater Locations For Angling In South Africa?

How Do I catch More Fish On Lures?

What Are The Best Baits To Use For Sea Fish?

How Many Endangered Freshwater Fish Are There In South Africa?

What Is The Conservation Status Of Sea Fishes In Southern Africa?

What Are The Best Fishing Lures To Use In The Sea?

What Is A Barbel?

What Is Artlure Angling?

How Do I Tie A Rietvlei Trace?

How To Catch Carp On Artlure?

What Are The Parts Of Fishing Hooks Called?

I Need Information On Fly Fishing!

What Is A Klipfish & How Many Species Are There In South Africa?

Can I Catch Bass On Fly?

What Do I Need To Know About Trolling Lures In Rivers & Estuaries?

How To Fish With Plugs And Poppers?

Tips & Secrets Of Sea Float Fishing

What Is South Africa's National Fish?

How Do I handle And Safely Release Sea Barbel?

What are the best Summer Carp Baits?

Can I Identify Saltwater Fish By Pictures I See?

Can I Identify Saltwater Fish By Pictures I See?

Where Can I Watch Fishing Videos?

Can I Get Free Emails About SA's Fishing?

How Do I Make My Own Carp Bait?

How Do I Tell The Difference Between A Male And Female Trout?

How To Catch HUGE Barbel?

How To Tie Fishing Knots?

What Is A Leerie?

Night Fishing?

Fish The Sea Angling Research

Where To Buy A Fishing Permit?

Angling Books Where Can I Buy Them?

How To Catch Strepie?

Beginners Guide To Rock & Surf

Chemically Sharpened Hooks how they work?

Fish Species Growth

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