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Being a frustrated saltwater fisherman, currently landlocked in Gauteng and unable to take time off work, I decided if I couldn’t fish, I’d at least share some of my thoughts and experiences online, and started building a section dedicated to fishing on my personal website. As anyone will notice when visiting these pages, or receiving a personal e-mail from me is the statement “I’d Rather Be Fishing” and that says it all for so many of us! These pages can be found at http://www.mikeot.graphicline.co.za/my-pages/fish/fish_a.htm

This section (as is much of my site) is a work in progress, and work must of course take precedence. I have several more pages planned and in various stages of progress, about the sort of tackle I mainly use, some of my favourite spots, and what is proving a big task, a section dedicated to tips and techniques, baits, knots, rigging and so that I hope will be of use to other fisherfolk. (Many lady fisherpersons out there fishing these days). As to any graphics, photos and downloads on the subject found on these web pages. These are all shared freely for non-commercial purposes. Download, copy, share, as you will. I would appreciate a ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ on Facebook, a ‘Tweet’, ‘Buzz’, or any other referral (And if posted on a website, some mention of my website URL would be really great…)

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