Ultimate Angling Fishing Forum - Socials And Events

Ultimate Angling is one of the best fishing forums in the World in my opinion and anything can be shared, learned and discussed in a civil manner, which a lot of other online sites do not offer. The founders of Ultimate Angling are based in Johannesburg and once a month we all get together for a fishing social to talk about the love we have for our sport and interact and meet new enthusiastic anglers. Fish The Sea is proud to be associated with such a fine group of individuals, all ages, races and genders. Below are some pictures of the group photo's we take every time we have a social. Find out more at www.ultimateangling.co.za.

Ultimate Angling Gauteng Social

Ultimate Angling also have a yearly "Birthday Party" where a fishing trip is arranged to a piece of coast line along South Africa. KwaZulu Natal, Mozambique and Mpumalanga have also had socials and recently many more trips have been organised where members of the forum can fish with and learn from each other.

Ultimate Angling Team GP Social

Some amazing best friends have been made by me personally, and the people on Ultimate Angling are great, keep up the good work guys!

Fish The Sea & Ultimate Angling