Footloose Trout Farm Fourways & Diepsloot South Africa

A Great Fishing Venue For All Ages: Bass, Rainbow Trout, Common Carp, Barbel, Vlei Kurper, Mozambique Tilapia

Excited Kids at Footloose with a Barbel catchFoot Loose Trout Farm in the Gauteng province of South Africa is a superb angling venue that has a property of 10 hectares. Footloose Trout Farm boats 13 freshwater dams to choose from and they are stocked with all sorts of fish... It is a great place to go for a day visit and will definitely rekindle your love for freshwater fishing... You will want to be there all the time. I am there every weekend when I am not saltwater fishing. There are some very big freshwater fish species in these dams, and fun can be had by all: Kids and children of all ages, parents, grandparents and everyone in the whole family... Footloose is approximately 9 kilometers from the William Nicol Drive offramp, heading towards Monte Casino... The turn off to this freshwater fishing paradise is onto a dirt road opposite Diepsloot Shopping Mall... Safe parking, food, drinks, bait and fishing rod rentals are all available here, as well as toilet facilities.

Footloose Trout Farm BrochureWhat To Do At Footloose Trout Farm?

Fishing is the main attraction at Footloose but there is also a swimming pool, restaurant with great food and you can hire a guide to help you catch fish and show you some of the secrets... You can purchase a year long membership which allows you access to four (4) members dams in a closed off area...

Fish Species At Footloose Trout Farm?

The freshwater fish species at Footloose include the following:

Fishing Methods At Footloose Trout Farm?

Footloose Trout FarmAll fishing methods are permitted at Footloose Trout Farm... Conventional Carp Angling, Specimen Carp Fishing, Artlure, Bass Fishing, Bait Fishing, Fly Fishing, Barbel Fishing, Spinning... Although in the members section you are only allowed to spin and bass fish in Summer and Fly fish in winter, no bait is permitted in the members angling area.

GPS Co-ordinates Of Footloose Trout Farm:

The GPS co ordinates are as follows: S 25 56.288 E 28 1.603

Pictures Of Footloose Trout Farm:

Barbel At Footloose Footloose Trout Farm
Common Carp At Footloose Trout Farm Vlei Kurper Banded Tilapia
Common Carp At Footloose Rainbow Trout