"The Triangle" - Ship Rock, Kasouga, Eastern Cape Fishing Spots

Kasouga is a very small coastal town in-between Kenton on sea and Port Alfred along South Africa's Eastern Cape coast, this town offers a great base on where you can start exploring and walking through the pristine beaches and magnificent angling areas.

Aimee Harveys 1kg SteenbrasWhen I first fished this area, it was at high tide, on the far right of Ship Rock (If you were coming from Kasouga), and I noticed that there was a triangular shaped reef where the water would push out very fast after the cycle of waves had finished. The water pushing out would make a huge V that could be seen for about 50 meters on each side, so we decided to nickname this specific spot The Triangle, although it does have a real name: Ship Rock. Ship Rock is approximately 2 kilometers from the Kasouga river, although it feels like you are walking 3 times the distance when the tide is high!

Gareth & Steven fishing "The Triangle"The fishing possibilities along the reef, gullies and sandy bottoms along Ship Rock are truly unbelievable, and you have a chance to catch almost anything here. There are Flatfish, Sharks, Edibles and Reef Fish as well as some Gamefish species that patrol the backline, that can be reached from a cast from the rocks on low tide. Best baits for the edibles and reef fish, which are in abundance here, are Sand Prawn, Mullet Fillets, Chokka and Pink Prawn.