How To Fight A Fish Hooked On Fly Using Fly Fishing Tackle

Rodney Smit fighting a big Rainbow TroutFighting fish species on fly can be tricky and quite difficult, especially for the inexperienced fly fishermen.

This page will give you the do's and don'ts of fighting fish on a fly rod as well as pictures of how to correctly land a fish. These rules apply to all South African fish species, whether it is a Bonefish or Largemouth Bass, the principles do not change.

Gareth Roocroft fighting a good size troutHooking and landing a fish on fly tackle is the second most difficult aspect of fly fishing, after learning how to cast, and listed below are guides and tips of the best ways to land fish on fly fishing equipment.

Learn how to handle fish correctly here...

How To Fight A Fish On Fly How To Fight A Fish On Fly Fishinbg Tackle

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