How To Tell The Difference Between A Male (Cock) & Female (Hen) Trout

One thing that is very interesting to know about South African Fly Fishing and the Trout species is that it is not as difficult as many people think to tell the difference between a male and female Trout... Whether it is a Rainbow Trout or a Brown Trout.

Rainbow Trout HenA male Trout is referred to as a Cock and a female is known as a Hen. The obvious difference between a Cock and a Hen Trout is that when a Hen is gutted in spawning season they contain orange eggs inside... Some Hens have these orange eggs all year round. However I have come across a few Hen Trout that have not had eggs in spawning season...

Rainbow Trout CockWhen the Trout are in full spawn the Cock (Male) fish develops a very prominent "underbite" where it's jaw extends quite far out, similar to Salmon when they breed. On larger specimens, out of the spawning season, a bigger jaw can be observed on the Cock fish opposed to a rounder proportional mouth that the Hen has. Please see the images below for differentiation:

Diference Between A Trout _ Hen And Cock