Pictures & Photographs Of The South African Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish)

The South African Sharptooth Catfish, also known as the Barbel, is a strong fighting freshwater fish which is actively pursued by many inland anglers. Barbel are mainly caught on bait but also caught on fly and lure... They will take almost any meaty bait they can find: Boerewors, chicken livers, platannas, chops, pellets, mealies and most Carp baits... Specimen Carp anglers often catch Barbel with their specialised baits. Below are some wonderful images and pictures of the South African Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish):

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Catching Barbel On Artlure

Barbel Photographs And Information

Barbel in Letaba River Swimming Barbel In The Shallows
Barbel & Terrapin Letaba River Rodney Smit 7kg Barbel
Stephan Fuchsloch With 4kg Barbel Gareth Roocroft with 2.5kg Barbel
Brandon Fuchsloch 10kg Barbel Loskopdam Clarissa With Massive Barbel
Sharptooth Catfish Caught By Clarissa Rod Smit With A Very Nice Barbel
Close Up Of Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish) head Rod Smit with a good size Barbel
Rodney Smit With a 8kg Sharptooth Catfish Barbel Picture (Sharptooth Catfish)
Big Barbel On Fly Rod (Caught By Rod Smit) Barbel Landed By Rodney Smit
Excited Youngsters with a small Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish) Youngster with a young Barbel caught at Footloose
Gavin Erwin With A Vaal Dam Barbel Sharptooth Catfish (Vaal Dam) Barbel
Sharptooth Catfish Caught on Wors Small fat Barbel caught in Gauteng - 2kgs
Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel) Caught On Lure Barbel Caught On Artlure
4.1kg Barbel caught by Gavin Erwin Barbel caught by Sean Bisset
8kg Barbel caught in the Vaal Dam by Sean Beautiful Juvenile Sharptooth Catfish
Juvenile Vaal Dam Barbel 18kg Vaal Dam Barbel
Gavin Erwin releasing a big Barbel Sean Bisset with a Barbel
Juvenile Sharptooth Catfish - Barbel Juan Roristons 17kg Barbel
Barbel caught by Gareth Roocroft Huge Vaal Dam Barbel
Good Size Sharptooth Catfish - Barbel Healthy Vaal Dam Barbel
3.3kg Barbel caught by Gareth Roocroft Gareth Roocroft with a Vaal Barbel
Sharptooth Catfish - African Barbel Barbel at Island Shores
Sean Bisset Vaal Dam Barbel Big Vaal Dam Barbel - Catfish
Gavin Erwin Vaal Dam Barbel Gavin Erwin Modderfontein Dam Barbel
Barbels mouth close up Big Barbel caught at Tago