South African Blacktail (Dassie) Pictures & Photographs

The Blacktail is one of the most commonly targeted edibles along the South African coastline and is a very popular saltwater fish species. The Blacktail is also commonly known by it's Afrikaans name: Dassie. The Blacktail is known as the White Bream outside of South Africa but is still regarded as an excellent angling fish! Please see pictures and images of the Blacktail below...

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Good size Blacktail (Dassie) Small juvenile Blacktail (Dassie)
Juvenile Dassie (Blacktail) South African Blacktail (Dassie)
Aimee Harvey with a nice Blacktail on light tackle Stephan Fuchsloch with a good size Blacktail
Small Young Blacktail (Dassie) Gareth Roocroft with nice size Blacktail (Dassie)
Steven Victor's Blacktail (Dassie) Another nice Blacktail (Dassie)
South African Rock Fish: Blacktail (Dassie) Steven Victor with another good Blacktail (Dassie)
Blacktail (Dassie) caught on a chokka bait Large Eastern Cape Blacktail (Dassie)
Blacktail caught on dropshot (Berkley Sand Worm) Big Dassie (Blacktail)
Blacktail in a rock pool 30cm Blacktail caught by Gareth Roocroft
Blacktail (Dassie) caught in the Transkei Blacktail revived in a rock pool ready to be released
Blacktail caught in Kariega River 27cm Blacktail (Dassie)
Sean Roocroft with a good Blacktail Aimee Harveys Blacktail
Blacktail on 5lb Double X line 32cm Blacktail caught by Sean Roocroft
Small Blacktail caught on Pink Prawn 27cm Blacktail caught at Roman Bay
Darryn with a superb Blacktail Craig with a blacktail on dropshot
Brandon Parsons with a Blacktail Gavin Erwin with a big Blacktail
Daniel Dickinson with a rasspl blacktail Gavin Erwin Kleinemonde Blacktail
Gareth Roocroft early morning blacktail Ashlyn Harvey rasspl blacktail
RASSPL Blacktail Dassie JR with a big blacktail at fish river point
Camo Worm Dropshot Blacktail caught by Gavin Erwin Gavin Erwin caught this 33cm Blacktail on dropshot
Jason Mcintosh with a juvenile Blacktail Darryn Harvey with a beaut of a Dassie
Blacktail caught in bushmans river Blacktail caught in the early morning surf
Micro blacktail 37cm Blacktail (Dassie) caught off the bricks
Gavin Erwin Blacktail on dropshot camo worm