South African Blue Kurper Pictures & Photos (Mozambique Tilapia Images)

The Blue Kurper, also known as the Mozambique Tilapia, is a South African freshwater fish that is a superb angling species as it is very aggressive and light tackle and lures are often used to catch the Blue Kurper. Loskop Dam is arguably the best freshwater system in South Africa to catch big Mozambique Tilapia and there is an annual angling competition at Loskop Dam where the biggest Blue Kurper wins. They can grow up to 4 kilograms! Please see some pictures and photographs of the Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper) below...

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Big Blue Kurper (Mozambique Tilapia) Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper) In Pond
Blue Kurper (Mozambique Tilapia) Kruger Park Mozambique Tilapia
Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper) Beautiful Blue Kurper (Mozambique Tilapia)
Gareth Roocroft with a 1kg Blue Kurper Mozambique Tilapias big mouth
School of Mozambique Tilapia 1kg Mozambique Tilapia caught by Gareth Roocroft
Juvenile Blue kurper (Mozambique Tilapia) Female Blue Kurper (Moz Tilapia)