South African Pictures & Photographs Of The Brindle Bass

The South African Brindle Bass is the largest species of Rockcod and Grouper that occur within Southern African coastal waters. They are critically endangered fish according to the IUCN Red List and it is illegal for anglers in Southern African waters to target or catch the Brindle Bass (See legal and illegal fish species to catch as well as size and bag limits here). They are huge fish and can attain lengths of almost 3 meters and get to weights of well over 300 kilograms. They are a really amazing saltwater fish species that are very territorial and can be quite aggressive to divers. The first 2 pictures below of the protected Brindle Bass were taken at uShaka Marine World in KwaZulu Natal.

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The endangered & protected Brindle Bass A close up of a Brindle Bass at ushaka marine world
The Protected Brindle Bass
Picture provided by Marcos Pereira
Close Up Of A Big Brindle Bass
Picture provided by Marcos Pereira