South Africa's Brown Shyshark Information And Photos

Information & Photographs Of The Brown Shyshark (Haploblepharus fuscus)

Brown Shyshark (59 cm) caught by Steven VictorThe Brown Shyshark is part of the South African Catshark family. It is quite a common saltwater fish species in the Eastern Cape and occurs in deep reefs up to 3 meters under the water. Brown Shy Sharks lie on the rocky reefs where they rest. The Brown Shyshark is quite active at night but can be caught throughout the day. They feed on crabs, cuttlefish and bait fish. Their name is derived from the habit this fish has of twisting into a circle and covering its eyes with its tail when threatened. Often when anglers land the Brown Shyshark they will perform this act. The Brown Shyshark can attain 70cm. The Brown Shyshark will often pick up baits meant for fish such as Kob, White Steenbras, Musselcracker and other edibles. They will also peck away at big shark baits and can occasionally be hooked on shark baits.

Catching The Brown Shyshark In South Africa

Brown Shy Shark Caught At Fish River PointWhen targeting the Brown Shyshark the best baits to use are fishy baits such as mackerel, sardine and mullet. Chokka, prawns and mussels also work very well when targeting the Brown Shyshark. Light Tackle should be used when specifically targeting the Brown Shyshark but tackle should have enough back bone to land the fish and not get cut off on the rocky areas where they live... Normally anglers will not specifically target the Brown Shyshark so "scratching" tackle is ideal to catch this species. The perfect combination would be a Shimano Torium 30, paired with a Blue Marlin G3 or Kingfisher Stimulator... Alternatively a coffee grinder such as a Daiwa Saltiga Surf 5500 or Daiwa Opus 6000 is perfect. Hook sizes for the brown Shyshark will be from size 1 to a 6/0, and a minimum of 20 pound mainline should be used. Steel trace or wire is not required for catching the Brown Shyshark and a 0.40 millimeter fluorocarbon leader should be used. The Brown Shy Shark is very common off the coast of the Eastern Cape and can be caught regularly at rocky points, gullies and general rocky areas.

Handling And Releasing The South African Brown Shyshark

Steven Victor with a Brown ShysharkWhen handling the Brown Shyshark you do not need to be worried about getting bitten... They are very placid sharks and won't try to bite you, and even if they do manage to bite you you will only have a few small teeth marks. They are a very muscular fish and will try squirm their way out of your hands when you are posing for a photographs. Pleases remember the beautiful and "cute" Brown Shyshark play an important role in the ecosystem so once you have landed them and taken a photo please release them safely back into the water, even if they are being a pest by taking your baits... You are fishing and you are catching fish even if the Shyshark is not your target species... Unfortunately many anglers leave these beautiful creatures to die on the beach or they just kill them and throw them back. Please make a difference and ensure a safe release of this fish back into the water.

Brown Shyshark caught off the rocks Jacques Roux with a Brown Shyshark
Brown Shyshark Brown Shyshark Craig Van Rensburg
JR Boonzaier Brown Shyshark RASSPL Doughnut Shark
RASSPL Skaamhaai RASSPL Brown Dogshark
Good size Brown Shyshark Brown Dogshark (Skaam Haai)
Brown Shyshark (Skaamhaai) Brown Shyshark close up
Brown Dogshark caught off the rocks