South Africa's Cape Conger Eel Photos & Information (Conger wilsoni)

Pictures And Information On The Estuarine Eel: The Cape Conger

Cape Conger Eel (Conger wilsoni)The Cape Conger Eel is a little known South African saltwater fish species and is very similar in appearance to the Moustache Conger Eel. The Cape Conger Eel was discovered and named in 1801 - Conger wilsoni and it is a true Conger Eel. The Cape Conger is also sometimes referred to as Wilson's Conger Eel and is found throughout our coastline and estuary systems and even occurs in the waters of Australia and New Zealand. The Afrikaans name for this Eel is Kaapse Seepeling. It can be found in estuaries, rocky pools, gullies and up to depths of 5 meters. The Cape Conger Eel has very nice tasting meat and is often kept by anglers that catch this species.

Cape Conger Eel (Conger wilsoni)Sometimes this fish is called the Common Conger, although this is not the right term for the Cape Conger Eel as there is a species called the Common Conger (Conger conger). The Cape Conger is mainly nocturnal and feeds on small fish, invertebrates and crustaceans. Many fleshy baits can trick this Eel into eating them. Once hooked The Cape Conger Eel gives a good account of itself but can mess up your line and tackle as it gets the line tangled and frayed.

Cape (Wilson's, Common) Conger EelThe Cape Conger Eel is quite a mysterious looking fish and quite an eerie feeling can run through your body when you get close to landing this fish on a dark night. It is a beautiful looking fish and if you do not want to keep this Eel for the pot please make sure you release it safely into the water again. They are not dangerous but can have quite a mean bite which could lead to a bacterial infection so just be careful when you handle the Cape Conger Eel.

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