Photographs & Pictures Of South Africa's Cape Moony

The Cape Moony is a very strange looking saltwater fish and is often called the Kitefish, as it resembles a kite with its shape. In South African waters the Cape Moony is a commonly caught fish on light tackle, small hooks and small baits as it occurs mainly in estuaries, rivers and inshore environments. The Cape Moony occurs along the Eastern Cape and Western Cape coast and is mainly active in the early morning, late afternoon and into the night. Please see below for images and pictures of the beautiful Kitefish - The Cape Moony...

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Cape Moony caught at night Cape Moony caught in a throw net
South African Cape Moony Cape Moony caught in the bushmans river
Cape Moony caught on lure (Foul hooked) Cape Moony caught on a sand prawn bait
Cape Moony caught at night on sand prawn Cape Moony hooked on a 1/0 Diachii hook
cape moony caught on dropshot by gareth roocroft Cape Moony caught on fly
Huge record size cape moony Kariega River Cape Moony
Fly fishing from a ski for moony Fly fishing for Cape Moony
Cape Moony Fly Fishing