Photos & Pictures Of South Africas Giant Kingfish (GT, Ignobilis, Giant Trevally)

The Giant Kingfish is known by many names all over the World but more well known as the Giant Trevally (G.T.) or the Ignobilis (From its scientific name). The Giant Kingfish is the supreme game fish and many anglers would want to catch the GT especially on a popper as the Giant "Kingy" readily takes surface lures. This saltwater fish can grow to huge sizes and is a tough fighter once hooked. Please see images, pictures and photographs of the Giant Kingfish (GT) from South Africa below...

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Giant Kingfish (GT) caught on surface popper Giant Kingfish with a halco lure (GT Giant Trevally)
Giant Kingfish (Giant Trevally GT Ignobilis) Giant Kingfish caught on a spoon
Picture provided by Marcos Pereira
School of Giant Kingfish (GT's)
Picture provided by Marcos Pereira