Greater Barracuda (Giant Sea Pike) Photographs, Images & Pictures

The Greater Barracuda is one of the most aggressive fish species in South Africa's  northern oceans (Similar to the Pickhandle Brracuda) and is also known by the names of Giant Sea Pike and Cuda. The Greater Barracuda grows to larger sizes than it's cousin and occurs in warmer water in the northern parts of the Southern African coast line. Please see images and photos of the South African Greater Barra Cuda below...

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Pickhandle Barracuda being brought to the boat Close up of a Pickhandle Barracuda's teeth
South African Pickhandle Barracuda (Sea Pike) Gareth Roocroft with a 1.3 kg Pickhandle Barracuda
Beautiful Pickhandle (Slender) Barracuda Great Barracuda swimming in Mozambique
Picture provided by Marcos Pereira