Photo's & Pictures Of South Africa's John Brown Fish (Janbruin)

The John Brown, also known in Afrikaans as the Janbruin, which is actually its more common name, is an endemic South African saltwater fish species that normally occurs close to land. The John Brown (Jan Bruin) is a very shy fish with a limited distribution in South Africa and their numbers appear to of decreased over the last 30 years, which is disappointing, no doubt this is as a result of the Janbruin being such an excellent table fish. Please see images and photographs of the beautiful John Brown (Janbruin) below:

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Janbruin (John Brown) Stephan Fuchsloch with an eastern cape John Brown (Janbruin)
A beautiful Eastern Cape John Brown Fish (Janbruin) Gareth Roocroft's John Brown Jan Bruin
South African Reef Fish: John Brown Janbruin