The South African Kob (Kabeljou) Photographs, Pictures & Images

The Kob is probably one of the most targeted edible saltwater fish off South Africa's coastline and is known by many names in Southern Africa: Kob, Daga, Drum, Daga Salmon and Kabeljou. The Kob grow to big sizes and put heavy tackle to the test. They are also a great species to target on boats in estuaries with lures. Kob are aggressive fish and mainly move around in shoals where they feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. Please see the images and photos of the South African Kob below...

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50cm big river kob Small Kob caught up river on a mud prawn
Blind river kob Kob caught on bucktail jig
Kob caught on lure... Halco Sorcerer 68 Small South African Kob
Kob - Kabeljou - Daga Salmon - Drum Kob (Kabeljou) caught on a halco lure
10kg Kob caught in South Africa Kob kept for the pot
Kob caught offshore in Eastern Cape Kob caught by Mike Pike on dropshot
African Kob from Angola Daniel Dickinson with a rasspl kob
Cyril Riddin Dusky Kob David Drennan RASSPL Kob
Gavin Erwin with a Kob caught in the surf 33kg Kob (Kabeljou, Daga Salmon, Drum)