Orange River Mudfish Photographs Images & Pictures From South Africa   

The Orange River Mudfish is commonly known as the Mudfish, Muddy, the Common Mudfish or by it's Afrikaans name of Modderbek. It is part of the Labeo family and can often be confused with other Mudfish and Labeo species. This species is very common in the Vaal Dam and is a prime target of Vaal River Fly Fishermen. Please see photographs and images of the Orange River Mudfish below:

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Orange River Mudfish Gavin Erwin With A Modderbek
Aimee Harvey with a Mudfish Beautiful Juvenile Mudfish (Modderbek)
Juvenile Mudfish (Modderbek) Chris Siriram with a big Mudfish (Modderbek)
Gareth Roocroft with a beautiful Mudfish Gavin Erwins Big Mudfish!
Small Juvenile Orange River Mudfish Large Orange River Vaal Dam Mudfish
Orange River Mudfish Darryn Harvey with a Mudfish