South African Stonebream (Stinker, Stinkvis) Photo's & Pictures

The Stonebream is a light tackle anglers dream fish as this saltwater fish species fights really hard when hooked and can often be very difficult to tempt with a well presented bait. The Stonebream is also known as the Stinker or Stinkvis because of the foul smell that is emitted when gutting the fish. The Stonebream will often take baits such as Sand prawn, Cracker Shrimp and Redbait and can even be caught on seaweed. The official South African record is just over 2 kilograms but these fish can grow a lot bigger. Please see images and photographs of the South African Stone bream (Stinker) below:

2 kilogram Stonebream (Stinker fish) 35cm Stonebream caught on sand prawn
Juvenile Stonebream caught in a small rock pool Small Stonebream (Stinker) safely released
Small Stonebream (Stinkvis) Small Juvenile Stonebream
Young Juvenile Stonebream caught off the rocks 1.1kg Stonebream caught by Gareth Roocroft
1.1kg Stonebream caught on pink prawn Very Young Juvenile Stonebream
Gavin Erwin 0.8kg Stonebream Stinkvis Gareth Roocroft Stonebream
31cm Stonebream Eastern Cape