Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia) Pictures & Photographs From South Africa

The Vlei Kurper is one of the most common species of Tilapia that occur in South African freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, dams and weirs. It is called the Banded Tilapia and is a very beautiful fish as you will see from some of the pictures below. Vlei Kurper can quite easily be caught with small hooks and they normally grow to close to 30cm in length. The Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia) can occur in many different colours from light green to very dark green and sometimes almost completely black.

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Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia) Large Very Big Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia)
Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia) Vlei Kurper very dark colouration
Very nice Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia) Very dark Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia)
Rodney Smit With A Vlei Kurper Caught On Fly Banded Tilapia (Vlei Kurper) caught on fly
Vlei Kurper being released into a fish pond Banded Tilapia getting released into a fish pond
Dark coloured Vlei Kurper Beautiful Banded Tilapia caught on a curly tail
Dark Female Red Breast Tilapia Caught On A Halco Laser Pro Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia)
Beautiful Vlei Kurper (Banded Tilapia)  

Please see the video below of some Banded Tilapia (Vlei Kurper) swimming around naturally in a variety of garden ponds...