Research Copyright & Disclaimer Information

Fish The Sea South Africa ResearchAll the research conducted by Fish The Sea and the people involved was either gathered by the people involved, or obtained from sources that have been referenced on the material provided. Please see references page. Other data and material that has not been verified or data that has been estimated is said so.

Please note that no one working on this project has any tertiary qualifications in any marine or zoology sciences, and this project is being funded by Fish The Sea or contributors mentioned here. The aim is to be as scientific as possible and to capture consistent accurate data. Fish The Sea and the people involved, are not working for any 3rd party, strictly for themselves. Fish The Sea is not conducting research for any profit; Fish The Sea has no intention of stealing information or piggybacking on previous research projects; Fish The Sea will not be collecting samples or specimens, all species captured will be released where they were caught alive and strong; People involved with the project will have the correct licensing and permit documents on them at all times; No suspicious activities will be done during this project, and our goal is not to deceive any person(s) but to provide reliable accurate information that could possibly help and contribute to scientific studies done by professionals. (This acts as our Mission Statement)

Please note that no information may be reproduced from this research project unless permission is asked and granted or it is emailed to someone. No pictures, photo's, diagrams, statistics, claims, records, new information, gps points, written information, history accounts or any material in the /research part of this website may not be reproduced unless the conditions above are adhered to. Please contact me for any further information.