Bigeye Snapper Lutjanus lutjanus Photographs & Information

The Bigeye Snapper (Lutjanus lutjanus) is a very pretty little saltwater fish that can attain 35 centimeters in length. They occur in large shoals, often in the company of other Snapper species, such as the Twinspot (Bohar) Snapper. The Bigeye Snapper is quite a common reef fish along the KwaZulu Natal coast line up into Mozambique and is often encountered by divers.

In Afrikaans the Bigeye Snapper is called the "Geel Snapper" and is also known as the Rosy Snapper and the Bigeye Seaperch. The Bigeye Snapper has been known to live over 10 years, which is quite amazing as this fish only averages about 30 centimeters in length. The Bigeye Snapper is commercially trawled in the deep reefs as this fish is a tropical species normally associated with coral reefs and deep offshore reefs of up to 100 meters.

Besides their commercial targeting know one really targets the Bigeye Snapper commercially, however they can be caught on small plastic baits and other artificials as well as Chokka and fish baits.  Please see photographs of the beautiful Big Eye Snapper below...

Bigeye Snapper (Lutjanus lutjanus)