Photo's & Information On South Africa's Dusky Rubberlip (Plectorhinchus chubbi)

Information, Pictures And How To Catch The Dusky Rubberlip

The Dusky Rubberlip is quite a common saltwater fish species in South African waters but it is not often seen or caught. This is believed to be as a result of its shyness and reluctance to take well presented baits. The Dusky Rubber Lip is primarily a bottom fish and is quite common on shallow reefs although it is not uncommon to find the Dusky Rubberlip in up to 100 meters of water off South Africa's coastline! The Dusky Rubberlip is found all up the Southern African coastline from Port St Johns upwards.

A dead Dusky RubberlipThe Dusky Rubber Lip is not easily distinguishable from other Rubberlip species... And there are 12 species of Rubberlip found in South African waters. The Dusky Rubberlip can attain weights of up to 10 kilograms and attain lengths of 90 centimeters. The juvenile Dusky Rubberlips are know to take refuge under small floating objects and seaweed where they feed on specific prey items such as shrimp.

How To Catch The Dusky Rubberlip In South Africa

As the Dusky Rubberlip is a very shy fish you have to be extremely lucky to land one. As mentioned above they are found in all depths of waters so if you try and specifically target this fish you might be lucky but I would recommend lighter tackle and a thinner diameter of line, this could be a problem if a bigger fish picks up your bait. The Dusky Rubberlip is a bottom fish and the best baits to catch this shy feeding fish would be small live baits such as Maasbunker and Pinky, crab baits and prawn and chokka baits. They must be very well presented. The Dusky Rubberlip is also know to occasionally take a jig so you never know you might get one on a lure! Marine worms are also a favourite of this fish...