South Africa's Epaulette Surgeon Fish (Acanthurus nigricauda) Information & Photographs

Information, Images And Facts On The Epaulette Surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigricauda)

Epaulette Surgeon Fish In South AfricaThe Epaulette Surgeon is a little known species compared to other Surgeonfish in South Africa. The Epaulette Surgeon is a tropical warm water saltwater fish species that occurs amongst reefs and other tropical waters in South Africa. The Epaulette Surgeon is not often caught and its distribution in South Africa is very limited, only from Durban, up the coast, to Mozambique.

The Epaulette Surgeon is one of 25 species of fish that form the group Acanthuridae, which is made up of Surgeon fish, Bristletooth, Unicorn Fish, Tangs and true Surgeons.

The Epaulette Surgeon can grow up to a length of 45 centimeters and is a very popular marine aquarium species. The Epaulette surgeon is generally found in shallow water but it has been known to inhabit reefs of up to 30 meters in depth. The Epaulette Surgeon can be poisonous and occurs in lagoons and offshore reefs.

How To Catch The Epaulette Surgeonfish In South Africa

The Epaulette Surgeon is quite an aggressive species and will readily take small baits such as chokka, sardine, prawn and other fleshy baits. Light tackle is best when trying to catch this species. A thickish leader as you will be targeting them around very rocky areas, but small hooks, no bigger than a size 2 hook. Make sure you have a good quality hook as these fish have got very strong mouths and the bigger fish can easily straighten the smaller hooks.