Honeycomb (Dwarf Spotted) Rockcod/Grouper Epinephelus merra Photos & Information

The Honeycomb Rockcod is a fairly common saltwater fish species in the warmer waters around the World and is part of the Grouper family. The Honeycomb Rockcod is very well known as the Dwarf Spotted Rockcod or Dwarf Spotted Grouper. This Rockcod is a marine species that occurs in reefs from very shallow water up to 50 meters, similar to the Sling Jaw Wrasse where they can often be seen together. The juvenile Honeycomb Rockcods spend their time amongst different corals until they mature where they will feed on crustaceans and small reef fish, they will grow to a length of 30 centimeters.

The Honeycomb Grouper, because of its small size, is a popular aquarium fish. The Honeycomb (Dwarf Spotted) Rockcod occurs in South Africa from Richards bay up the coast into Mozambique. The image of the Honeycomb Rockcod below was taken in Mauritius where the locals refer to these fish as "Domaine".

Honeycomb (Dwarf Spotted) Rockcod/Grouper