South Africa's Kosi Rockskipper (Pereulixia kosiensis) Pictures & Info

Kosi Rockskipper Pereulixia kosiensisThe Kosi Rock Skipper is a strange looking South African saltwater fish species that is related to the Blenny family of fishes. Please see various images and photographs on this page that show you exactly what the Kosi Rockskipper looks like. The Kosi Rockskipper is a common catch on the KwaZulu Natal coast with small baits off the rocks and even in deeper water reefs. The Kosi Rockskipper has quite wide distribution range and occurs from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa all up the Eastern coast of Africa and occurs in Madagascar as well. The Kosi rock Skipper has one prominent scientific (Latin) name Pereulixia kosiensis, but sources say that it is also referred to as Salarias kosiensis and Cirripectes kosiensis. These scientific names and the common name for this fish no doubt indicates that it was first discovered or named in the Kosi bay region of Southern Africa.

Kosi Rockskipper caught in BallitoIn Afrikaans the Kosi Rockskipper is known as the Kosi Klipspringer. The Kosi Rockskipper can easily attain 20 centimeters in length and it is not uncommon to occasionally find specimens that are 25 centimeters in length or more! These fish can be a nuisance when targeting other species as they will eat almost any fleshy bait.

How To Catch The Kosi Rockskipper In South Africa?

How To catch The Kosi Rockskipper?When targeting the Kosi Rock Skipper light tackle and small hooks and baits are essential. As mentioned above the Kosi Rockskipper can be a greedy fish. Their favoured baits include chokka, pink prawn, sardine and oceanic worms. If you wish to target the Kosi Rockskipper you can't go wrong with these baits. The Kosi Rockskipper often occur close to rocks, sea weed or any structure where they blend in with their surroundings so a cast close to these areas should produce a fish. They can often be found in large, deep rock pools, gullies and where there is white water where they can be a nuisance while trying to target larger edible fish.

Kosi Rockskipper FishWhen trying to catch the Kosi Rockskipper the best size hooks to use would be from a size 12 to a size 4. Even though the Kosi Rockskipper is a small fish it has quite a large mouth and can easily get hooked on larger hooks opposed to other small fish species such as the Klipfish. Light line and leader should be used to maximise the pleasure of catching the Kosi Rockskipper and this fish can be fun to catch using float fishing techniques.