Sixbar Wrasse (Thalassoma hardwicke) Photo's & Information

The Six Bar Wrasse (Thalassoma hardwicke) must be one of the most beautiful saltwater fish species to occur off the Southern African shore line. The Sixbar Wrasse, also sometimes referred to as the Six Banded Wrasse is often confused with the more common Rainbow Wrasse.

The Sixbar Wrasse can attain a length of 25 centimeters but specimens of 15 centimeters are more commonly encountered by divers and anglers fishing with small fish baits. Sixbar Wrasse generally tend to stay in the same localised area during their life. They live amongst corals and usually occur on or very close to reefs in waters up to 15 meters. The Sixbar Wrasse can be found in small schools of fish and their main diet consists of crustaceans, but like with most small reef fish, their diet also includes very small fish. The Sixbar Wrasse is an uncommon catch in South Africa and Mozambique but can be tempted into eating small sardine baits fished over shallow reefs. They take the bait very aggressively and often self hook themselves. Please see images and photographs of the beautiful coloured Six Bar Wrasse below, these specimens were caught in Mauritius on a reef, 6 meters deep.

Sixbar Wrasse Sixbanded Wrasse