South African Tiger Fin Rockcod (Epinephelus posteli) Information & Photographs

The Tiger Rockcod (Often called the Tigerfin Rock Cod) is quite a rare saltwater fish species of the 50 or so types of Rockcods that occur in South Africa's coastal waters. Not a lot is known about the Tiger Fin Rockcod's biology but studies suggest that the Tigerfin Rockcod occurs in deep water reefs up to 65 meters and that they can attain a length of over 1 meter and reach weights of up to 12 kilograms. The Tiger Fin Rockcod is a solitary fish with a rounded tail and is a very slow growing Rock Cod that is vulnerable to over fishing. The Tiger Rockcod is a beautiful creature and apparently is good eating but I highly recommend releasing every one of these fish you catch. Please see images and photo's of the Tiger Fin Rockcod below:

Tiger Fin Rockcod Information & Photographs