South African Artlure Angling Tips And Methods

Information On Freshwater Art Lure Angling In South Africa

Artlure is a very precise, interactive type of fishing and many people get the conception that it doesn't work... This is a wrong statement as often people who try artlure for the first time choose a lure or soft plastic, cast it a few times with the same retrieve and don't catch anything... This is a big mistake... Artlure is (Most of the time) is a 'waiting' game as there are many variables to be taken into consideration when fishing with lures... In South Africa this is becoming a popular method of catching freshwater fish species.

The first aspect of art lure fishing is the dilemma of what lure to choose! There are so many lures and soft plastics on the market these days, its hard to find an out and out superb lure for all conditions. That's why artlure can be challenging; you should constantly change your lure after a few casts if you are fishing in the same area and you know there are fish there. A lot of the time colour even makes a difference, even though fish cant perceive colour, it might just be the way it 'glows' or shines off the sun. You always have to change things up to see what the fish are taking on the day... South African freshwater venues and locations have some potentially great art lure fisheries, its all about patience and perseverance when artlure angling in Southern Africa.South African artlure soft and hard plastics

The other thing one should take into consideration is the retrieve. I have seen many anglers over the years throwing lures and soft plastics and keeping one retrieve and not catching... This does work but when you are not catching on your normal retrieve you need to change things up... Try slower retrieves, faster retrieves, jerky retrieves; retrieve the lure close to the top of the water or bounce it off the bottom. The retrieve in my opinion is just as important as lure choice because what you are doing when fishing with lures is you are either trying to imitate a bait fish or prey item or you are looking for a reaction bite! Now I know fish are not smart but I'm pretty sure they can sense when something is moving unnaturally through the water and then of course they wont bother looking at it because they do not see it as a threat or as a food source...

Catching Barbel On Artlure ...

So the main objective is to change up your style when you are not catching and try different methods and lure types... If you are fishing with a soft plastic try adding more weight or taking off weight and then see how it effects the action and your strike rate.

Artlure is an 'Art' and it takes catching, practice and experience to catch fish constantly, the same with any fishing really. So don't give up and keep trying if you are not catching fish... Remember you have a better chance of catching a fish with your lure in the water than you do with your lure out of it!

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