The 10 Best Freshwater Fishing Destinations In South Africa

Where To Fish Freshwater In South Africa? Find Out Here!

South Africa is so diverse in terms of its fishing resources. There are so many great angling venues in South Africa all depending on what freshwater fish you want to catch... It is very difficult to narrow the fishing areas down, as there are hundreds of superb high quality venues where the freshwater fishing is brilliant. In my opinion these are the 10 best freshwater spots in our country.

1. Vaal River/Vaal Dam: This area is home to good amounts of fish and big Barbel, Carp, Grass Carp, Bass and Yellowfish can be caught here.

2. Dullstroom area: This area in Mpumalanga has some of the best Trout resources in the country and if you enjoy fly fishing and catching Trout, you have to fish here! Read about Millstream Farm here...

3. Hartebeespoort Dam: A great angling area with numerous species to catch such as Barbel, Carp, Mudfish and Bass, although the dam is not in its most pristine form there are still great spots to fish!

4. Loskop Dam: A beautiful area with camping facilities... The best place in South Africa for targeting big Blue Kurper, Mudfish, Barbel, Carp, Yellowfish, Papermouth and Bass... The Silver Catfish (Makriel) is also quite prolific here. Read more here...Loskop Dam

5. Clanwilliam Dam: The number 1 destination for the Small Mouth Bass angler without a doubt...

6. Groenvlei (Lake Pleasant): Located in the Knysna area, this is a great place for Bass angling... Bluegill, Kurper and Barbel also can be targeted.

7. Albert Falls Dam/Inanda Dam: These Kwazulu Natal dams host amazing fishing for a variety of species... They are mainly regarded as Bass fishing dams!

8. Impofu Dam: A dam filled with large Common Carp... Barbel, Kurper, Bluegill, Spotted Bass, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass can also be targeted here.

9. Komati River: A pristine river where Tigerfish can be caught quite regularly... There are a few different areas to fish on this river from Badplaas to Komatipoort. The further north you go the more likely you are to catch Tigerfish. Best time is October-March. Big Barbel and Carp are found in this river among many other fish species.

10. Gariep Dam: Great fishing venue with superb accommodation... The Gariep dam is home to some of the biggest Carp and Barbel in South Africa...

So I hope you have found this useful and I hope you get some big fish at these venues! Some other good freshwater fishing venues include Lake Jozini, Bronhorstspruit Dam and a nice 10 hectare property in Fourways in Gauteng called Footloose Trout Farm...