Coffee Grinder Fixed Closed Spool Fishing Reels

The Grinder RevolutionClosed spool reels with a bail arm have been nicknamed the Coffee Grinder reel; presumably because of how you wind in the line back onto the reel. "Grinders" are becoming more popular for all forms of saltwater and freshwater angling by the day. A few years a go Multiplier reels were far more superior in all aspects: Drag system, line capacity and cranking power. Now with new modifications many Coffee Grinder Reels can compete with, and even be better than, multiplier reels with similar specifications. Since the popularity of fishing with braided lines is increasing, this means you can get a lot more line onto a Grinder compared to a few years a go. This also allows the angler to cast further. There are many great brands on the market that make superb Coffee Grinder reels: Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, Fin Nor and many others.

Raggie caught on a grinderThe Coffee Grinder revolution is here and is starting to change anglers preferences, and when you fight a good sized fish on a Grinder it is easy to see why.