Multiplier Open Spool Reels (Called Penn Reels Sometimes)

Shimano Torium 30The multiplier reel is an open spool reel that is often still referred to as a "penn" reel. This is because some of the first and best multiplier reels were made by the manufacturer Penn and thus the nickname of penn stood. Multipliers are tricky reels to get used to. This is because when you cast the reel you have to make sure the actual spool of the reel does not turn faster than the speed of the line going off the reel. This can be controlled by gently placing your finger on the line that is going off the reel. When doing this be sure your hand is wet as you can often get "line burn" on your finger. When the sinker or bait hits the water, the reel must be stopped manually in order to prevent a birds nest, also known as an overwind.

Targeting offshore fish with multiplierLately "Coffee Grinder" reels have started to compete with multipliers in terms of the gear ratios, drag system and even line capacity. But multipliers are still probably the best reels to target big fish on. Whether it is from the shore, or when trolling. The most well known brands in South Africa are arguably the Daiwa, Penn, Fin Nor, Quantam and Shimano ranges. With many debates on which reel is better than which. The multiplier reels come in all sizes and can be used for all types of fishing: Bass, Marlin, Shark or targeting reef fish. They are great reels to use and if one takes care of them by regularly servicing them and replacing parts, you can never go wrong!