How To Tie A Conventional Carp Rietvlei Trace

Step By Step Guide On How To Tie The South African Riet Vlei Carp Trace/Rig

The Rietvlei Trace is one of the most popular conventional Common Carp angling traces used in South African freshwater rivers, lakes and dams. This is a very popular rig when it comes to Carp angling in South Africa and below is a simple 'How To Tie' tutorial on the Rietvlei Trace. There is also a photograph of the Rietvlei Trace so you can compare your end product with mine... There are many variations of this rig but I have found through my experience that this is the easiest and simplest way to tie a Riet Vlei trace and has caught me many fish... Please see the pictures of Carp I have caught here...

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Here's a variation of this trace: Sliding Rietvlei Trace.

What You Will Need:

Step 1

You tie the first swivel to your mainline using a figure of 8/improved clinch knot.

Step 2

Cut a piece of line roughly 20cm in length.

Step 3

Tie this line onto your swivel that is attached to your mainline.

Step 4

Take the mealie bomb feeder and thread it through until it reaches the other swivel.

Step 5

Take your second swivel and tie it onto the end of the line so your feeder is able to slide up and down without coming loose.

Step 6

Take another piece of line about the same length as the line on the the feeder part of the trace. Tie this line to the swivel on the mainline.

Step 7

Now tie one of your Diachii hooks to the end of this line... The hook will be the same distance as the feeder, allowing the carp to find your bait quicker.

Step 8

Take another piece of line about 12cm and tie that onto the bottom swivel of the feeder trace, attach your second hook to the end of this line.

You are now ready to go! Here is an image of the Rietvlei Trace:

Carp Angling: Rietvlei Trace