Conventional Carp Sliding Rietvlei Trace/Rig

Recently been experimenting with a few Carp rigs and tied this one, I'm sure its very similar to an actual sliding Rietvlei trace, but thought I would post it anyway, not my favourite trace, but very good for fishing in snags.

What You Need To Tie This Trace

Steps To Tie The Sliding Rietvlei Trace

You now have a sliding Rietvlei trace, go and catch those Carp! See a picture and image tutorial of how to tie a sliding Rietvlei trace below:

Sliding Rietvlei Carp Trace Conventional sliding carp trace
Steps to tie a sliding rietvlei carp rig and trace Tips/steps to tie a sliding rietvlei carp trace
Carp Sliding Rietvlei Trace