Fish River Point – Eastern Cape’s Home Of Big Sharks!

Fish River Point Eastern CapeThis is a great venue for big Sharks and other non edible fish and is not fished as much as it should be with the potential it offers. This spot is made for shark anglers, as it is a deep water point and because of its proximity to the Fish River Mouth, often has water with a lot of colour to it, that brings large fish in closer. If you ever wanted to slide a bait out for a big shark, this is the place and your opportunity!

How to get there?

Casting At Fish River PointFish River Point is about 10kms from Port Alfred on the East London side.
There is a dirt road on the Port Alfred side of the Fish River bridge, its on your right if you are coming from Port Alfred and on your left if you are coming from Kleinemonde (Or East London). Take this dirt road and keep right until you reach an area with a few houses at the end of the road. Park your car and take the path onto the beach. You will then walk over a small dune, see a beautiful bay and Fish River Point is on your right.

Heavy tackle and sliding tackle is what is needed for this venue. Throw baits can be successful as well but sliding is a first choice as big baits work the best here and often one needs to get out a big bait to 120 meters or so, unless there is colour in the water.

Best Baits At Fish River Point?

Fish River Point Fish Species

There are lots of edibles around such as Bronze Bream, Garrick, Kob, Stumpnose and Musselcracker but the Non Edibles here to look out for are:

And other smaller species like:

The best time to fish this area is early morning and late afternoon. Night time is good here as well but make sure you are not alone in case there is a safety issue. October – March is the best time to fish this picturesque fishing spot!

Angler Lands A big Ragged Tooth Shark At Fish River Point