Vaal Dam Fishing Spots - Island Shores (UJ)

Island Shores Sunset - Vaal Dam - UJThe Vaal Dam has many fishing spots where one can catch all sorts of fish. Island Shores, also known as UJ, has a lot of bank space to choose from. The original Island Shores is actually closed but the land to the left of it, owned by the Government, is available for fishing and camping.

Island Shores is 91 kms from Edenvale, and is on the way to Deneysville and is in a beautiful setting. It's a pity the place is not well looked after, as there is a lot of litter and vandalism that has been committed.

Island Shores is well known for a big Barbel, and also plays host to numerous other freshwater fish:

A lot of Juvenile fish will be caught at Island Shores, so please be responsible and handle them with care as many of the fish spawn in the shallower water close to the bank. Read a report of my first visit to UJ here.

Smallmouth Yellowfish caught at Island ShoresThe best way to catch the larger fish at Island Shores is to wade or row your baits out. If you do not want to do this, there are a few places along the bank where you can find steep drop offs. Artificial, Fly Fishing, Carp Angling and Barbel fishing can all be done here with success.