More Ceres Valley Fly Fishing Action: Olifants River

Another beautiful river in magnificent surroundings on a wonderfully sunny November day. Jan van Huyssteen , Tony Biggs and I fished from about 09.00 to 13.00 and covered about 1 1/2 kms of river - freestone in character with more pocket water than the Olifants or Witte.
Caught 5 rainbows up to 300gms on RAB (named after the creator … RA Biggs but it’s also known as Red-arsed bastard) dry flies. I was striking too hard today and broke off on 1 fish which was not that big. Once we finished fishing we had to tackle about 400 metres of “jungle” to reach the road - saw no snakes but we must have passed a few. Its important to take care in this kind of country. Read more...

Tony Biggs led the way through the jungle.