Millstream Fly Fishing - Lake Millstream

Millstream Farm, Mpumalanaga, South AFricaThe largest body of water on the farm, Lake Millstream, is an intimidating 10 hectare dam when it is first assessed. But do not be afraid of the size of this dam, the same techniques can be applied here as would be in a smaller piece of stillwater. You are able to walk all around Lake Millstream and there are plenty of great spots to cast a fly into.

When To Fish Lake Millstream?

Lake Millstream fishes well all throughout the day and you can catch fish at anytime of the day, I do prefer to fish it before 10am though.

Where To Fish Lake Millstream?

Where ever you see a jetty or a big reed bed have a few casts in the area. The trout are all over the Lake and can be found all along the bank. I have had great success off the island, off the dam wall towards where the Witpoort river flows out of Lake Millstream and on the steep ridge on the other side of the bridge over the river.

Rainbow Trout Lake Millstream Dullstroom South AfricaWhat Flies Work?

Dry Fly: To this day I have not landed a fish in the Lake on dry fly but have had a few rises at the Royal Wulff.

Wet Fly: Have had lots of success on Lake Dragons, Woolly Worms, Woolly Buggers and Red Eye Damsels by performing a fast jerky retrieve on the bottom.

Nymphs: Damsel Nymphs fished like a wet fly, as well as Aggrevator Nymphs and GRHE's have produced good results.

What Techniques Work?

A moving wet fly out performs all other techniques at Lake Millstream. Sinking line, with maximum 2.7kg tippet is perfect. Let the fly sink to the bottom, strip it back very quickly or perform a jerk/pause retrieve.

Extra Tips For Lake Millstream

A lot of the time the fish will follow the fly right to the bank in lake Millstream, as you lift your fly out of the water for your next cast, just be aware that the Trout might grab onto your fly at the last second.

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