How To Select The Right Fly For Trout & Other Saltwater & Freshwater Fish

Selecting the perfect fly be it for trout, salmon, saltwater fish, or other fish is often the key to success or failure to catch the intended quarry on a fly rod and fly line.

Over the years a vast number of flies and insect or other life form imitations have been created to catch both fish and flyfishers. These fit into useful categories such as:

Olive Fritz PatternDry Flies for fishing for surface feeding fish, mainly trout in rivers and Stillwater's. Within this category are numerous fly types such as mayflies, caddis imitations, hoppers and the like.
Nymphs tied to represent sub-surface life forms with the pupa imitations for caddis, mayflies both large and tiny, midges, stone flies, damsel and dragonflies and numerous other aquatic life forms. Emergers are another type of nymph fished just below the surface. Traditional wet flies going back centuries sparsely tied from traditional feathers and generally having what are called soft hackles to represent the legs of sub-surface insect life. Streamers or lures have come to the fore over the last 40 tears or so and are used to represent small baitfish more often than not. They are fished with sunken lines generally and retrieved quickly in a jerky fashion.

Saltwater fly patterns clousers and poppersVariations on streamer patterns are used extensively in saltwater flyfishing and these include Poppers, Clouser Minnows, Crab flies and Shrimp flies. This site is about flies and fly tying accessories and is the gateway to almost every fly you could possibly want to catch any elusive fish in any situation.

Commonly Used Flies for All Types of Flyfishing: Dry Flies | Nymphs | Streamers | Bass Flies | Saltwater

Dry Flies


Adams, Irresistible

Adams, Moosetail

Adams, Parachute

Adams, Parachute, Hi-Vis

Adult Stone

Black Gnat

Black Gnat, Parachute

Blue Quill

Blue-Winged Olive

Blue-Winged Olive, Parachute

Brown Drake

Brown Para-Drake, Ext Body

Bullet Head Foam Stone, Orange

CDC Adult Midge, Gray

CDC Ant, Black

CFO Hummer Foam Stone, Golden

CFO Hummer Foam Stone, Orange

Chernobyl Ant, Black

Chernobyl Caddis, Parachute

Cicada, Black

Club Sandwich, Brown

Club Sandwich, Green

Club Sandwich, Pink

Club Sandwich, Yellow

Dave’s Cricket

Dave’s Hopper

Double Humpy, Orange

Double Humpy, Yellow

Elk Hair Caddis, Olive

Elk Hair Caddis, Peacock

Elk Hair Caddis, Tan

Elk Hair Caddis, Hi-Vis, Olive

Elk Hair Caddis, Hi-Vis, Peacock

Elk Hair Caddis, Hi-Vis, Tan

E-Z Caddis, Olive

E-Z Caddis, Tan

Foam Beetle, Black

Goddard Caddis

Gray Hackle Peacock

Green Drake

Green Drake, Crippled

Green Para-Drake, Ext Body

Griffith’s Gnat

Gulper Special, Olive

H & L Variant

Hares Ear, Parachute

Head-On-Humpy, Golden

Head-On-Humpy, Orange (Salmonfly)

Henry’s Fork Golden Stonefly

Henry’s Fork Hopper

Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly

Henry’s Fork Yellow Sally

Henrysville Special

Humpy, Green

Humpy, Red

Humpy, Royal

Humpy, Yellow

Improved Sofa Pillow

Joe’s Hopper

King River Caddis

Light Cahill

Madam X

Madam X, Parachute, Orange

Madam X, Parachute, Peacock

Madam X, Royal Parachute

Mahogany Dun

Midge, Adams

Midge, BWO

Midge, Grizzly

Midge, Olive


Olive Irresistible

Pale Morning Dun

Pale Morning Dun, Parachute

PMD Crippled Dun

Parachute Ant, Black

Parachute Ant, Cinnamon

Parachute Caddis, Tan

Parachute Caddis, Olive

Parachute Hopper

Quick-Site Foam Ant


Royal Wulff

Royal Wulff Parachute

Salmon Fly Convertible

Sedge, Tan

Sparkle Dun, Baetis

Sparkle Dun, Mahogany

Sparkle Dun, PMD Yellow

Sparkle Caddis, Parachute, Olive

Sparkle Caddis, Parachute, Tan

Stimulator, Black

Stimulator, Orange

Stimulator, Royal

Stimulator, Yellow

Stocking Wing Caddis, CDC, Black

Stocking Wing Caddis, CDC, Tan

Tarantula, Black

Tarantula, Brown

Trude, Adams

Trude, Peacock

Trude, Royal Coachman

Trude, Royal Yellow

Trude, Yellow

Western March Brown

Western March Brown, Parachute

Wulff, Adams

Yellow Jacket Bee


Bird’s Nest, Brown

Bird’s Nest, Olive

Bitch Creek Nymph, Conehead

Blood Worm, Beadhead

Brassie, Copper

Brown Drake Nymph (Lawson’s), Beadhead

Brown Hackle Peacock, Beadhead

Buckskin (Chamois) Caddis

Caddis Emerger, Olive

Caddis Emerger, Tan

Caddis Emerger, Beadhead, Olive

Caddis Emerger, Beadhead, Tan

Caddis Larva, Beadhead, Bright Green

Caddis Larva, Beadhead, Brown & Olive

Copper John, Beadhead

Copper John, Beadhead, Black

Copper John, Beadhead, Green

Copper John, Beadhead, Red

Copper John, Beadhead, Silver

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Brown & Yellow

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Tan

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Beadhead, Brown & Bright Green

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Beadhead, Ginger

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Beadhead, Gray

Diving Caddis, Brown & Bright Green

Diving Caddis, Brown & Yellow

Diving Caddis, Ginger

Electric Caddis, Cream, Beadhead

Electric Caddis, Olive, Beadhead

Emergent Sparkle Pupa, Gray

Girdle Bug, Conehead, Black

Glo Bug, Orange

Glo Bug, Salmon

Glo Bug, Beadhead,Chartreuse

Glo Bug, Beadhead, Orange

Glo Bug, Beadhead, Salmon

Green Drake Nymph, Beadhead

Half Back Emerger, BWO, Beadhead

Half Back Emerger, PMD, Beadhead

Hares Ear

Hares Ear, Beadhead

Hares Ear, Flashback

Hares Ear, Flashback, Beadhead

Hares Ear, Olive, Beadhead

Hares Ear, Rubberlegs, Flashback, Olive

Hares Ear, Rubberlegs, Flashback, Olive, Beadhead

Hares Ear, Rubberlegs, Flashback, Tan

Hares Ear, Rubberlegs, Flashback, Tan, Beadhead

Hellgrammite, Black

Hellgrammite, Beadhead, Black

Lightning Bug, Beadhead, Black

Lightning Bug, Beadhead, Copper

Lightning Bug, Beadhead, Gold

Lightning Bug, Beadhead, Silver

Miracle Nymph

Mysis Shrimp

Neon Nightmare

Peeking Caddis, Beadhead, Cream

Peeking Caddis, Beadhead, Olive

Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail, Beadhead

Pheasant Tail, Beadhead, Black

Pheasant Tail Biot Bug, Beadhead

Pheasant Tail, Flashback

Pheasant Tail, Flashback, Beadhead

Pheasant Tail, Flashback, Beadhead, Red

Pheasant Tail, Flashback, Rubberlegs, Beadhead

Prince Biot Bug, Beadhead

Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph, Beadhead

Prince Nymph, All Black, Lite Brite Black, Beadhead

Prince Nymph, All Black, Rubberlegs, Beadhead

Prince Nymph, Rubberlegs, Beadhead

Prince Nymph, Lite Brite, Beadhead

RS2 Emerger

Rubber Legs, Weighted

Rubberlegs, Beadhead, Black

San Juan Worm, Brown

San Juan Worm, Red

San Juan Worm, Beaded, Red

Scud, Gray

Scud, Olive

Scud, Tan

Serendipity, Green, Beadhead

Serendipity, Red, Beadhead

Simple Caddis, Beadhead

Soft Hackle Thread Body, Red

Soft Hackle Thread Body, White

Soft Hackle Thread Body, Yellow

Spandex Stone, Conehead, Black

Spandex Stone, Conehead, Golden

Stonefly, Rubberlegs, Conehead, Black

Stonefly, Rubberlegs, Conehead, Brown

Stonefly, Rubberlegs, Conehead, Golden

Stonefly, Rubberlegs, Conehead, Green (Olive)

Stonefly, Woven, Black

Stonefly, Woven, Black, Conehead

Stonefly, Woven, Brown, Conehead

Stonefly, Woven, Golden, Conehead

Super Stone, Conehead, Black

Tak’s Mysis Shrimp

Virus Nymph, Beadhead, Chartreuse

Virus Nymph, Beadhead, Orange

Virus Nymph, Beadhead, Pearl

WD-40, Gray

WD-40, Olive

WD-40, Red

Yuk Bug, Conehead, Black

Zebra Midge, Beadhead, Black

Zebra Midge, Beadhead, Brown

Zebra Midge, Beadhead, Gray

Zebra Midge, Beadhead, Red

Zebra Midge, Beadhead, Wine

Zug Bug, Beadhead


Bunny Leech, Beadhead, Black

Bunny Leech, Beadhead, Ginger (Blond)

Bunny Leech, Beadhead, Olive

Bunny Leech, Beadhead, Purple

Egg-Sucking Leech, Beadhead, Black

Egg-Sucking Leech, Purple

Muddler Minnow

Muddler Minnow, Conehead

Woolly Bugger, Black

Woolly Bugger, Black, Beadhead

Woolly Bugger, Black, Rubberlegs, Conehead

Woolly Bugger, Brown

Woolly Bugger, Ginger

Woolly Bugger, Olive

Woolly Bugger, Olive, Conehead

Woolly Bugger, Olive, Rubberlegs, Conehead

Woolly Bugger, Olive & Black, Conehead

Woolly Bugger, Peacock & Black, Conehead

Woolly Worm, Black & Grizzly, Conehead

Woolly Worm, Olive & Grizzly, Conehead

Zonker, Black

Zonker, Natural

Complete List of Fishwest Flies:

Dry Flies | Nymphs | Streamers | Bass Flies | Saltwater

Bass Flies

Deer Hair Bass Bug, Black Ann Yellow

Deer Hair Bass Bug, Fruit Cocktail

Deer Hair Bass Bug, Frog

Mouserat, Black

Mouserat, Natural


Crazy Charlie, Pink

Crazy Charlie, White

Lefty’s Deceiver, Cockroach

Lefty’s Deceiver, Red & White

Sea-Ducer, White & Red

Sea-Ducer, Yellow & Red

Clauser Minnows