Fly Fishing The Teton Ridge Ranch Ponds

Teton Ridge Ranch Ponds: Tues Sept. 15th , 1992

Another nice breezy hot sunny day. After horse riding for about 1 hour with Gareth sitting in front of me. At the time of writing this Gareth is 18 years old, at college and also flyfishing … time does fly.

I fished a pond on the Ranch and caught a Rainbow on GRHE before lunch. After lunch I went down to the larger pond around 5 mins walk from the Teton Ridge lodge. The water was an emerald green colour with an opacity to it. Fishing was too easy on the nymph. Almost every cast caught a fish up to a 1 lb - most were “on the drop” or when slowly retrieved. I only caught one on dry fly ( Royal Wulff) and they were very reluctant to rise to dry fly.

Took 6 fish to the lodge for smoking for dinner. Patty and Gareth saw small snake crossing road.