Photographs & Information On South Africa's Common Koi

Wild Koi That Occur In South Africa

Large Common Koi caught by Gavin ErwinThe Common Koi is well known as an expensive pond fish all over the World but especially in South Africa. There are many pond keepers who take great pride in their colourful and healthy Koi fish collection. The Common Koi is a variation of the Common Carp and is from Japan but many farm and public dams have thriving populations of large Koi in South Africa, presumably from people releasing them into these dams. Koi do not naturally occur in South Africa and they are hard to look after which is why it is surprising that there are many trophy specimens that occur in South African dams, one venue where I have fished is Dowerglen Dam... There are quite a few Koi in the dam but are hard to catch on bait...Koi can live up to 40 years and can grow to massive lengths and weights during this period.

South African KoiKoi come in a variety of colours and normally as they grow larger they loose some of their striking colours and start to just be one or two colours... The Common Koi can be found in all sorts of colours and combinations of gold, yellow, orange, red, white, black, blue, cream and silver... As mentioned earlier, Koi are domesticated Common Carp from Japan and were domesticated to make water gardens and fish ponds very pretty... When Koi get released into freshwater fishing areas after a few years they actually turn into the colours of the Common Carp and they causes a lot of destruction. Koi have been released into wild waters all over the World and have caused havoc with plants and aquatic life and vegetation... To get more information on Koi and keeping a koi pond visit these two websites & Please see more images and pictures of South African Koi pond fish below:

Large Common Koi Very large Koi over 10 years old...
A lone orange and white South African Koi Very large South African Koi
Close up of a big South African Koi A school of Japanese South African Koi
2 South African Koi In great Condition South African Koi Pond Fish
Beautifully Coloured Koi Fish A very popular Koi colour
South African Koi feeding off the surface South African Koi getting some sunlight
A group of South African multi coloured Koi Common Koi
Koi feeding on the surface