South African Blue Sting Ray Photographs & Pictures

The Blue Ray is a member of the South African stingray family and is the most commonly caught 'flatfish' along South Africa's coastline. The Blue Sting Ray is opportunistic and feeds on almost any fleshy baits. They have striking electric blue spots all over their bodies. They can provide good sport when they are on the bite and they are quite a hard fighting stingray on the appropriate tackle. Please see pictures of the Blue Ray below... Including one photo of a 25 kilogram Blue Sting Ray caught in the Kariega River Mouth by Stephan Fuchsloch...

Please see more information on the Blue Sting Ray here...

25kg Blue Ray 90cm DW 8kg Blue Sting Ray Landed In The Shallows
Aimee Harvey with a small Blue Ray Gareth Roocroft with his Blue Ray
Blue Sting Ray In South Africa Female Blue Ray Caught In Eastern Cape
South African Blue Sting Ray Stephan Getting ready to measure a Blue Ray
Brandon Parsons with a good size Blue Sting Ray