Kariega River Mouth River & Estuary Eastern Cape South Africa

Gareth Roocroft fishing the KariegaThe Kariega River is a beautiful natural river that is navigate by boat for a long way. The Kariega River is the border of the coastal town of Kenton On Sea and is a few kms from the Bushman's River Mouth... The Kariega River is a very popular fishing area during the holiday season and many great fish can be caught here... The Kariega River Mouth can be divided into three sections: the Kariega Surf, Kariega Mouth & Estuary and Kariega River... All of these areas will be discussed below with pictures, best baits and fish species to be targeted and caught here...

Fishing The Kariega River Mouth & Surf

Kariega River MouthThe Kariega River Mouth is best fished in the Summer months for non edibles (Sharks, Rays and Flatfish) although there is also great edible fishing during this time, during the day. Shark fishing is better at night during Summer and baits that work well here are sardine and chokka combinations, mackerel cutlets, mackerel head, yellowtail head, live mullet and sardine head. Chokka, pink prawn and sardine belly and cutlets work well for edibles... Read more about saltwater baits. During Summer there are also a few Shad, Springer and Garrick around the river mouth so Chizel nose plugs, Halco lures, Halco Poppers and spoons work really well. But if I were you I would focus on the shark fishing during Summer. There are plenty of Ragged Tooth Sharks between 20 KG's and 160 KG's to be Ragged Tooth Shark caught by Stephan Fuchslochcaught here as well as Diamond Rays, Blue Rays, Brown Skates, Lesser Sandshark, Spotted Gully Shark and the occasional Grey Shark and Tiger Shark. The edibles that can be caught in the Kariega River Mouth and Surf area include Bronze Bream, Shad, Blacktail, Black Musselcracker, White Musselcracker, Kob, Spotted Grunter, Rockcod and a few others, but generally in Summer the edible fishing is hard here as there are so many sharks around.

Walking to the fishing spot Kariega River MouthFishing the Kariega River Mouth and Surf in Winter can be rewarding but it is very hard work. During the colder months night fishing here is your best bet, it is safe and you can catch some nice fish in this area. There are a lot of White Seacatfish around that can become quite irritating if you are fishing for something else. There is the opportunity to catch big Blacktail, Cape Stumpnose, White Steenbras, Kob and the occasional Spotted Gully Shark. All in all this is a great river mouth to fish and the Kariega surf can be very rewarding.

Fishing The Kariega River & Estuary

Lure fishing in Kariega EstuaryI really enjoy fishing in the Kariega River and the estuary area... There are always fish around and the water is normally very clear. There are many great fishing spots along the bank and shoreline of the river and estuary where you can catch many species. The Kariega River is also a hotspot, especially if you have a boat. Many big Kob and Spotted Grunter have been caught in the river. The best baits to be used in the river and estuary system are without a doubt Mud Prawn, Sand Prawn (Cracker Shrimp) and Pink Prawn... These baits will catch all the species of fish in the river system. Other good baits are live Mullet, live Pinky, Sardine and Chokka. Then there are lures; there are many Garrick, Springer and Shad just waiting for you to cast or troll a lure here. Smaller diving lures (Not bigger than 12 cm), small poppers, plugs and spoons are very effective. The species you can catch are too numerous to mention but here are the more Springer Caught In The Kariega Rivercommon fish you can expect to catch in the Kariega River and Estuary: Sand Steenbras, Cape Stumpnose, White Stumpnose, White Steenbras, Kob, Spotted Grunter, Shad, Garrick, Springer, Rockcod, Diamond Rays and Ragged Tooth Sharks during Summer. The river and estuary has good fishing all year round, but once again it is better fished at night. It can be a hard area to fish, but when you find the right spots you will catch very well.