Photo's & Pictures Of South Africa's Flathead Mullet (Grey, Bull Nose Mullet)

The Flat Head Mullet is one of the most widely distributed Mullet species in the World and is also known commonly by the names of Grey Mullet and Bull Nosed Mullet. Normally the Mullet is regarded as a good live bait for fish species such as Kob, but the Flathead Mullet is an excellent sport fish on light tackle. It is one of the few Mullet species in South Africa that will readily take a fleshy bait, soft plastic or feather lure. Please see images and photographs of the Flathead Mullet below.

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Large Flathead Mullet caught on chokka South AFrican Bull Nosed Grey Flathead Mullet
A Flathead Mullet caught on light tackle: safely released The beautiful Flat Head Mullet