Pinky (Piggy, Olive Grunter) Photo's & Pictures From South Africa

The Pinky is a small common bait fish species found along the South African coast and in estuary systems. The Pinky is known by a few names in different parts of South Africa: Piggy, Piggie, Olive Grunt, Olive Grunter and of course Pinky. These other names are derived from the grunting noise it makes when caught. The Pinky is a good fish to be used as live bait and can be identified by the black spot on it's gill plate. Please see images and photographs of the Pinky below.

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How To Catch Pinky

Small Pinky (Piggy Olive Grunter) Large South African Pinky (Piggy)
9cm Pinky caught on chokka Pinky (Piggy) showing its colours and markings
Large South African Pinky (Olive Grunter) Large Pinky caught in eastern cape river
Kumz Naidoo with a Pinky caught on a 4/0 hook Kumesh Naidoo with a Pinky caught on a sibiki rig
Small colourful Piggy (Pinky) Juvenile Pinky (Olive Grunter, Piggy)
Beautiful Pinky (Piggy) Smallest Grunter Species In South Africa - Piggy
Pinky (Piggy or Olive Grunt Grunter) Pinky (Olive Grunt)
Pinky (Piggy) Pinky (Olive Grunter)
Piggy caught by Gavin Erwin